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Casa de la Esperanza "House of Hope" is a children's home that Southwest Church of Christ assumed oversight of in October 1994 to serve and nurture over 40 children in Anahuac, Mexico. Gilbert Sanchez, prominent church member and deacon, has been serving as director of the children's home since June 1998 to the present time. Gilbert and his wife Becky live with the children and carry out the mission to serve these unfortunate youngsters of Mexico who, for reasons not their own, find themselves orphaned, lost, abandoned, and abused. These children, created by God in His image, desperately need the embracing arms, love, and support of God our Father through His servants. We at Southwest Church of Christ, through the tireless work, leadership, and dedication of Gilbert and Becky, purpose to meet the needs of these children in a manner that will render their greatness through the knowledge of God and with a solid educational foundation.

We are now in the process of developing a child sponsorship program between people in the U.S. and our children at Casa de la Esperanza. This program will include providing names, pictures and a pen-pal relationship. Monthly donations of $55 help support your child and helps to stabilize the operation of the home and help cover costs such as food, clothing, schooling, etc. If you can't sponsor a child, we still welcome any support you can give these precious children. We graciously accept donations of any amount, and assure you that the donations will go directly toward the financial needs of one of our children.


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