Our goal is to obey Jesus and to live with Him in heaven eternally. It is clear that all of us will be judged by the words that Jesus spoke - John 12:48-50. Jesus has arranged His church in such a way that each congregation receives their instructions or commands from Jesus in all of our relationships.

Jesus said He was going to build His church, and in about three years it was in existence and people were members of it. That is the church that we are striving to be. Jesus gave His church the responsibility of being the pillar and foundation of the truth. For us to be that, it is absolutely vital for us to only go by what Jesus has said. He has said that there are to be elders, bishops, pastors (these are all the same men) in His church, for the purpose to oversee, feed, and tend the congregation of which they are a member. They are to oversee in complete obedience to the instructions of the Chief Shepherd and Overseer, Jesus Christ. The qualification of these men are for the most part found in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1.



Ministry Staff